Wed 12 Sep 2007

Ahoy, here be the notes from said meetings matey. (19 September is Talk like a Pirate day.)

Avast Mateys;

Here be my notes from ye olde First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio (FUU) Council meeting Wed 12 Sep 2007 as a representative of Celestial Celebrations Circle (CCC). Please know that these items are in no particular order and the number associated is there to make it easy to talk about a particular item.

1. A retaining wall is planned for the Jefferson building and I checked with Devin that it would not impact CCC activities. The wall will on the north side of the building near the walkway and the parking area. This will have no impact on our CCC activities.
2. I informed the Council that, spurred by the lovely new children's labyrinth, Joanie and I have been placing rocks on the adult labyrinth. Please join us in adding rocks to the adult labyrinth!
3. The FUU Board has decided to fund a full time Director of Life Religious Education (DLRE).
4. Rev. Bret will be leading covenant groups and invites you to participate.
5. You have been asked to review Becoming the Church of Our Dreams: Report of the Growth Task Force which is available on the FUU home page. Feedback is solicited!
6. Rev. Bret is Audio Recording his sermons and filing them on-line here. Please take a look.
7. Brian Lytle has setup a power point and word FUU self guided tour.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale E. Moore