at First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio

The Labyrinth at First Unitarian Universalist Church is what is known as a Classical Labyrinth (also known as Cretan, seven-circuit)

The archetypal classical labyrinth design consists of a single pathway that loops back and forth to form seven circuits, bounded by eight lines. Most labyrinths prior to the first few centuries BCE are of this type and are found throughout Europe, North Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Indonesia. The design also occurs in the American Southwest and occasionally in South America. During the current revival of labyrinths it has once again found popularity for its simplicity of construction and archetypal symbolism.

To walk the labyrinth is an invitation to meditation. Often, we will offer questions to help us focus our intent in walking. Frequently, one question will be for consideration while walking in and another while walking out. There is no one “right” way to walk the labyrinth, but here are some tips about the customs we usually follow with our First UU Church labyrinth.

Celestial Celebrations Circle Labyrinth walks usually have drumming to accompany the walk. Pause before entering to center and ground yourself. Follow the single path without stepping over any of the rock “lines.” You may pass someone who is walking more slowly; just do it respectfully by moving around them on their left. Take what time you need to go at a pace comfortable for you. There is only one path, so you will encounter people coming out as you are walking in. Pass each other respectfully, stepping slightly to the left, right shoulders to one another. You are invited to pause in the center, being mindful that the space in the center is quite limited and there may be others waiting to come into the center. At the exit, pause again facing the labyrinth in gratitude before joining the drumming circle.

Dates for Labyrinth Walks in 2012-2012 are:
August 30th, November 27th, January 10th, April 24th, July 21st.

All at 7PM. Of course the labyrinth is always available for walking by yourself any time.