Celestial Celebrations Circle -- Mission Statement (1/2015)

Celestial Celebrations Circle is affiliated with the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio with liaison to the Board through the Council. The group reports to the Council bi-monthly and/or sends a representative to meetings. Celestial Celebrations Circle was founded as a CUUPS Chapter in 1997 with the following purpose :

to provide an opportunity at the First Unitarian Universalist Church for spiritual enrichment for UUs interested in exploring earth-centered spirituality and for pagans from the San Antonio area community to connect with Unitarian Universalism. Celestial Celebrations Circle serves the First UU Church community and the wider UU community through presenting lay-led worship services, presenting earth-
centered spiritual perspectives as part of the Religious Education program, making donations to Church fund-raisers, and participation in District and Continental UU conferences.

The schedule of events for the year is set at the Annual Planning Meeting held in June. The schedule is sent to Council and any conflicts with the dates of other church events are worked out before the schedule is approved and events are placed on the official church calendar.

Events are open to any interested adult who wishes to explore this spiritual path in harmony with Unitarian Universalist Purposes and Principles. Meeting are held on the Saturday closest to and before the 8 sabbats and in the other 4 months on the night of the Full Moon or New Moon. Meeting time is 7:00 PM on the church grounds next to the Jefferson Building, in the Jefferson Building, at the labyrinth, or elsewhere on the campus if weather or other scheduled use of facilities makes it necessary. Exceptions include: Hallows Eve and Beltane (scheduled on the actual dates). Schedule changes are rare but possible and are announced in the Church newsletter and on our yahoo groups e-list. From time to time the group facilitates other special events in cooperation with other like-minded groups. The Planning Group consists of 3 principal ritualists (all members of First UU Church). For more information about the group or a specific program, visit CelestialCelebrationsCircle.Org, or contact Joan Wells 210-377-2942 or morejoanie@gmail.com or First Unitarian Universalist Church during office hours M-F, 210-344-4695.